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  • Michaela a Jakub 9.9.2017

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    one of the most perfect women ever to walk the face of the earth.the most beautiful thing a man will ever lay his eyes upon. a complete f-ck-ng angel.
    i find it ironic that an angel like michaela can make me sin so much!
    girl that simply blows everyones mind
    i can’t believe she did something so michaela
    contrary to what others may think, she is the most perfect woman to walk this earth. she has a beauty about her that just makes you want to be with her, every second of every day. she is a crazy, fun, weird, kind, p-ssionate, and loving person. she is the most amazing girl in all the lands of all the days. she should be treated like so. if one is found treating her badly, things will go wrong for that said person. in summary: she is the most amazing girl in the world, and the s-xiest!! trying to explain why people love her is like trying to explain how water tastes, completely impossible. she is the reason why many people even get up in the morning. she is the most beautiful being in the world. if you look into her eyes, you will have found a reason for living. those eyes sparkle with an intense p-ssion for life.
    was that michaela?
    we must hang out with her!

    wow there goes michaela, she is soo beautiful!

    i love michaela, i always want to hang out with her!
    a girl who is absolutely the bestest frand you will ever have.
    a girl that has not one issue with calling one out in the middle of cl-ss, no matter how quit it is.
    a girl who is not a sl-t. she just knows how to get hers.
    a girl that may seem shy and quit but can certainly rock your world.
    a girl that wants nothing more than, for that special someone to come around and tell her how much he really cares, and mean it this time around.

    a girl that has a beautiful smile and loving heart.
    gah, i wishh i was a michaela!
    a lovely woman with large br–sts. she always knows how to f-ck a man. she eats everything…yeah! she teases boys like she is the queen. i just love her.
    “heeeeee, that’s a-mazing! do it again, michaela!”
    a girl that is beautiful, inside and out. very intelligent, but also has a wonderful sense of humor. she is someone that people absolutely adore being around. she is very kind-hearted and is an amazing listener. although weird and a little bit bi-polar, she is the sweetest person you will ever meet. she has an amazing taste in music and an all-around fantastic personality. she can be very confusing at some points, but you’ll catch up. michaela is absolutely stunning. she deserves to be treated like a princess, remember that if you’re lucky enough to have her fall for you and always let her know how much you care, she’s tired of having her heart broken.
    michaela, you truly amaze me.
    the most beautiful girl in the world, usually dark haired. she is very shy untill you get to know her when she comes out of her sh-ll completely, she is also very easily embarressed and very selfcontious even though she is a very beautiful girl, she loves to flirt and has a smile that could make any mans heart melt, everybody loves michaela
    omg, i want michaela as a friend

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    Michaela a Jakub 9.9.2017

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    12.03.2018 riononsgenli:
    Listen to Michaela A | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.

    11.02.2018 tewurse:
    "To me, you are a wonderful person.". Michaela is a forest spirit who dwells in Eldoh's Forest, located in Elphegort. She was infamous for the role she played in Story of Evil. She was also a huge lesbian.

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    MIDDLE NAME PAIRINGS Michaela Dream (M.D.),.. How popular is Michaela? Michaela is a very popular first name for females (#1052 out of 4276, Top 25%) and a.

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    Michaela Lintrup. Fulltime streamer 🎮 Partnered with eOddset, H.

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    Подробнее. Hello, I'm Michaela, a print focused graphic designer / color enthusiast residing in the Portland area.